Stress Management With Aromatherapy



Did you ever wondered that people with less money, but with closeness to nature are mostly stress free. This course will tell you one of the techniques to come closer to nature. This technique is based on using plant based essential oils. This technique is called Aromatherapy. In this course I will mainly focus on stress management aspect of Aromatherapy. I will start with basics and get into details of solutions to your problems. Here I enlist my approach — Basics of Aromatherapy as a technique.- Understanding of Stress and Stress Agents- Knowing about exact components that can help remove your stress.- Complete guide in video-demonstration form to help you prepare your own formulas related to stress removal, feel-good, concentration and confidence improvement etc.- Application techniques and safety guidelines.- I will also give you recipes of many other mind related formulasIn addition to that some secret delights are also waiting for you.