Stronger Together: Delegation and Task Management



YOU CANT DO IT ALL! Its time to delegate.Delegation is perhaps the most important skill for a manager of people to learn and master. You cant do everything yourself, and youll go crazy if you try! At the same time, delegation is challenging and it takes both commitment and an investment of time to get it right. The good news is, once you start delegating well, youll be surrounding yourself with capable and empowered team members.This course follows the story of child prodigy, Brianca, and Play All Day, the toy company she started with children like herself. Brianca learns quickly that the only way to accomplish her goals is to delegate well to those around her. Watch and learn as the Play All Day team grows together into a high-functioning team where each member feels valued and important. The course finishes with a bonus module on task management tools to help you keep track of your teams work. By the end of this course, youll be inspired to go forth and delegate!