Structured Note Taking Vol 17 – Key Organization System



In this course you get two things:1. A spreadsheet that helps you keep track of all your keys, and all the important information about them, all in one place.This sheet includes a unique numbering system(a category system or a taxonomy) that you can use to organize your keys by what they are for, like a car key vs a house key vs a motorcycle key.2. A list of things to buy and instructions for how to build a key binder.This binder will hold 9 keys in each page. Each page is a special plastic page that has pockets in it that will keep your keys securely in side, even if you hold the binder upside down or in any other position. They won’t fall out.You’ll learn how to add key tags to each key so that when you take them out of the binder you still know what number is associated with each key. You’ll also learn about color coding.It’s easy to accumulate keys over time and forget what they are for. It’s easy to lose a key and then not know how to replace it and then have to hire a locksmith.It’s easy to forget where you put a key and then have to spend tens or hundreds of dollars buying a replacement.And some keys you just can’t replace, they are no longer made.You can solve these problems once and for all with a simple key organization system like this one.Note, this system is only for physical keys, not passwords or pin codes. This system can also handle FOBs and plastic security cards used to enter buildings or your keyless car.See you inside the course,Timothy