Structured Note Taking Vol 2: Create a Mistakes Journal



Everyone makes mistakes.Everyone has failures.But what do you make out of those mistakes?Out of those failures?Do you learn from them?Do youreally learn from them?What I mean by that is…how long does it take for you to forget what you learned?How many times have you found yourself making the same mistake over and over again?That’s what this system is designed to solve.It’s designed to be a single place where you eventually will have years worth of data on all the mistakes you make, big and small.But it’s not just a place to store mistakes.You could just as easily call this a “solutions” journal.This thing….it’s not just about mistakes and solutions… it’s also a place to analyze both your mistake and brainstorm multiple solution options.Over time, you will be able to come back and look at both the mistakes you’ve made and the solutions you’ve come up with to solve them.We all have a lot going on.It’s really easy to make a mistake and forget about it hours or days later.Sometimes you have a solution in mind, sometimes you don’t.Failure can happen because you didn’t know what to do, or because you knew what to do but didn’t have the will or motivation to do it.The mistake most people make is that once they make a mistake or have a failure, then never do anything about it.They never address the issue.And often times the problem, as well as the solution, have to do with thesystems you have operating in your life.So when you let a problem fester, you opening up yourself to a lot of other related and down stream problems.The mistakes journal also has a mechanism for you to track the progress on the solution to each mistake so you know if the solution has been implemented or not.One mistake may cost you a little, it may cost you a lot.But a lot of little mistakes also cost you a lot.Especially when you are making the same mistakes over and over and over again.Over the course of the next new months and years, you should expect to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of your own time, money, energy and opportunity cost by keeping an organized mistakes journal.See you inside,Timothy