Structured Note Taking Vol 3: Success Journal



This course gives you a structured way of keeping track of all your successes.The feeling success is a delicate thing.Often public, official success is preceded by months if not years if not decades of private toil and effort.Private successes that only you know about.Weeks and months can go by where it feels like you haven’t made any progress.Nothing “real” has changed.No new business.No new relationships.No new job.Asuccess journal is your tool for keeping track of all your successes.The big ones and the small ones.It allows you to look back at the weeks and months and years and see how much progress you have made, even if it doesn’t feel like much has changed.This all comes back to you in the form of an emotional feedback loop.When you can do a daily or weekly review of your successes, it helps you stay motivated to work towards your long term goals and take on bigger challenges.It helps you build your confidence so you can take on new projects and try things you’ve never done before.It’s a convenient way to keep track of your personal KPIs, as well as things that are harder to measure or put a number on.Don’t just keep track of your mistakes/failures, keep track of your successes as well.See you inside,Timothy