Are you looking for a way to organizing all your books, discs, papers, digital documents and more?Then this is the system you need.This system will help you effectively organize the thousands of pieces of “intellectual property” (as opposed to physical property) in your life.And find those things later on.One of the biggest problems accelerated learners have is the “unknown unknown problem.”Simply put, you forget how much you have forgotten.You don’t just forget the contents of a book you read, you forget the title of the book. You forget the book even exists. You forget you even bought it. You forget it’s on your bookshelf.When you are ready to start learning something, you forget you already have collected all these resources over the months and years that could help you.So instead you have to start from scratch again.You may keep a lot of your learning materials in OneNote or Evernote.But there is a lot of stuff that you can’t put there.This is the system that allows you to keep track of all your OTHERlearning materials.And it’s tightly integrated with the system Iteach in End Game as well as my other organization and information management courses, so it’s truly plug and play.Ipersonally keep track of thousands of items that Iwould never be able to keep track of otherwise.To give an example, think about all those ebooks or courses you bought other places besides Udemy. How many of those do you even remember how to access months or years later?How many of those products do you just lose and forget about?You need to have a system for keeping track of it all in one place.This is that system.See you on the inside,Timothy