Structured Notes Vol 50 – Subjective Well Being System



This spreadsheet system originated from my planning system, Mastering Planning, which you should be familiar with before buying this course.The problem comes up in planning, how should you decide between different things you could do with your time.For example, how should you choose what to learn, or what career move to make next?One way to do it is to just look at the money aspect, what will make you the most money.But this only works for some situations, there are a lot of situations where money isn’t a factor, so how do you make those kinds of decisions?One approach is using the idea of subjective well being. It’s admittedly a somewhat vague concept, some people use happiness, or being in the flow, or contentment, or oneness, or good emotions, or something else. I don’t advocate a specific way of coming up with a SWB (subjective well being ) metric. That’s for you to decide, although I do give some thoughts in the course.The idea is that as long as you can turn it into a number, and I explain some ways how in the course, you can use this system to record and process and analyze those numbers to learn more about yourself and what you can do to make decisions that better optimize your SWB long term.Although my current systems (as of 2019.06, this will be changing in the future) don’t talk much about what to optimize for, I will be referring to this system in the future as the main way to make overarching, especially long term, decisions when planning.In the latter half of the course I get also touch on a few big ideas related to SWB (like how doctors and patients use quality of life adjusted years when making end of life planning decisions), but this course is primarily about how to use the spreadsheet, so you shouldn’t expect any theory on subjective well being.Timothy