Do you ever feel left behind?  Do you feel that studying and learning is too complicated for you? Not any more! *New Video added July 2019 – Wake Up and Enjoy the Summer! *New Lesson added April 12 2019 – Master Multiple Choice Tests.*  New video added October 21*  New video added February 21 – The Learning Space. * New video added Dec. 8 You Be the Teacher; You Be the Student.  * New Video added Oct.      Reading for Speed & Comprehension – The SQ3R Method.                 * New Video added Sept.  – Become an Excellent Listener & Get Positive Results!                          *Student Survival Guide booklet added May 2017              *New video added March 2017 – Novels & Note-taking.  *New link added April        2017 – Novel Study – Talk About It!               *New Video added as bonus material – February 2017.As students, we all want to learn as much as we can from any course we take. We would like to get the best grade, too! This course will help you achieve that goal.It will help you work toward becoming that A+ student you always wanted to be. The lectures are well explained and there are assignments, discussions, and quizzes to help you retain the information and practice your new knowledge. (Don’t be afraid – the assignments are optional!) Also, you have the option to receive feedback on assignments from me (no additional fees for this bonus!). I have over 20 years experience teaching students of all ages and abilities.If you are a student between the ages of 12 to 112, this course has tools that will assist you to develop better study and learning strategies. If you are a parent who wants the best education for your child, Become an A+ Student can help you know what steps to take. The course is active and alive with discussions and new information being added over time to increase the value to you at no additional cost!I genuinely look forward to working with you.  Lets start learning.