(Scott–Thanks for link, but it really doesn’t allow me to (1) delete my earlier comments or (2) submit my retraction. If you can do either or both of these things, please do so with the comments below. Thanks. George.)Dr. Brown:I want to revoke and delete the recent criticism I wrote concerning your Bond Investment course. It was excessively negative and unfair.I think my comments were prompted by my ignorance of Bond Investing. I knew nothing about bonds, and because of this, I expected your course to make me an expert in an hour or two. Not very realistic.I now realize that the course delivered all it promised to do; I realize also that the real learning will begin, only when I take your principles and begin to research and apply them further. The course offers very clear direction…. No one has contacted me or pressured me to write this. I was simply wrong…. Again, my apologies. Best regards, George Kirazian San Diego, CA—Bond investors laughed all the way to thebank as the stock market broke from 2000 onward. Meanwhile investors in blendedmutual funds got walloped. These wereclever traps people stepped into because they didnt understand the choices intheir employer sponsored 401(k) plans.These plans pump dumb money into themarket by the billions.Big drops in interest rates coughed updouble digit returns to astute fixed income investors like Bill Gross. I know you are not Bill Gross.You dont have his training yet. But someday you will deal with bonds oneway or another. Dont you agree that the bond market is avery real threat to your family wealth if you dont understand it?Or perhaps you already have had contactwith bonds. Do you have a wealthyrelative asking for guidance in managing their large bond portfolio?This innovative course takes you by thehand and walks you through the process of managing a multi-million-dollar bondportfolio. I am Dr. Scott Brown. I am a professor offinance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the Universityof Puerto Rico. I train hundreds offinancial managers every semester. I hold a Ph.D. in finance from theUniversity of South Carolina and a master degree from Thunderbird GraduateSchool of International Management.Thunderbird is routinely ranked #1 in the U.S. News & World Report. Here are just a couple ofthe tremendous benefits you willgain from this training. Develop a mastery of bond mechanics throughknowledge that will lead to insight over ensuing years.Understand why short duration bondportfolios allow you to wait it out.Avoid bond mutual funds thatlock you intolosses from infinite duration.Utilize the core knowledge to understandwhen to speculate, when to go for monthly income and when to sit it out incash. Here is what my students say about mycourses, THERE SIMPLY ISN’T ANYTHING COMPARABLE TOTHIS COURSE! -BILL BAKER, CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINAEnroll Now. It takes time for your brain to absorb and dominatethismaterial. The sooner you start, thebetter off you will be as steward of your family wealth.The material is guaranteed in its accuracyand detail. Whats holding you back? Enroll now. WARNING: I am serious when I tell you thatit takes years to master a subject. Thelonger you delay the slower your growth. Dont forget that this is the only bondmanagement course available today bya major state university professorfor publicconsumption. Enroll now. I look forward to mentoring you in bondportfolio management. -Doc Brown