Succeed in Forex Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start!


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[True Story] How Michael Marcus multiplied his account 2,500 fold in 10 years!—Updated Monday, January 2,2017, 12:13P.M.—Michael Marcus is a great currency trader. He started his career as a commodity research analyst.He eventually became a highly successful professional trader. Much of his profits came from investing in currencies also called Forex or Fx.Michael Marcus entered naive to investing. His friend John claimed to understand commodities. But the man wiped out Michael’s first $1,000 saved.Michael decided to try again. This time his trading capital came from a $3,000 life insurance policy his father had left him.His mom complained loudly when Michael cashed it in.He built three thousand into $30,000 after applying what he learned from Chester Keltner in the book “How to Make Money in Commodities.” The Keltner band system is based on bullish and bearish channel breakouts. The cross-country portfolio system you will master inside this Udemy course utilizes channel breakouts. [True Story] How Michael Marcus multiplied his account 2,500 fold in 10 years!Michael almost lost it all again when he made a big bet on grain fundamentals. The futures market locked limit down after Michael took long positions.He believed so much in the position that he borrowed another $20,000 from his mother. He lost a crushing amount as a result of his all-or-nothing bet. He ended the trade with just $8,000 left of his total $50,000.This started a dark period in his life where he fell into a cycle of borrowing money and consistently losing it.Then Michael met Ed Marcus met a trading wizard who would become his mentor MIT trained engineer Ed Seykota.Even so Michael kept losing. He wasn’t patient enough to wait for a clearly defined situation.But he kept at it.He met his second mentor, Amos Hofstetter. Amos’ wisdom mirrored Ed’s market truths.This created a positive reinforcing learning loop.Getting the same things pounded into his head by two different mentors gradually changed the thinking of Michael Marcus. He became more patient in his trading.He grew $700 into $12,000 in just a few months trading plywood. But he was still trading all-or-none positions.The market collapsed and his $12,000 shrunk to under $4,000. That was the last time he bet everything on one trade. Nonetheless the emotional pain drove him to take Thorazine.Learn how trade Forex without emotional pain for very small risk. Enroll now!How to Make Money When Markets Go Down! In this course you’ll discover a series of steps that will protect your money yet stand to possibly grow your trading capital into a fortune in the process. You’ll learn how pros take a small amount of money and grow it into a large pile. Then you will see how they shave it back to pay for their lifestyle. Then they build it up again. This super simple system is backed by extremely complex academic research by thousands of rocket scientists” with Ph.D.s in finance. You’ll learn,Introduction – Clarifying Your Fortune Building intentWhy you must stop bad habits such as overspending to ever have any hope of lasting wealth. How to focus on the luxuries you want in life with a single minded definite major purpose backed with a burning desire to succeed. Learn the powerful philosophy of lasting wealth that is a secret to most families today. How your tomorrow depends on your choice of habits today. Develop and protect your most precious resource – your unbiased power to reason for yourself. Become less fearful. Employ The Power of Three in a way clinical studies have shown to extend your life and improve your health. Laser focus your cosmic habit force on acheiving the things you want out of life. Stand and lead those you care for through our modern financial apocalypse.Section 1 – Connecting your daily habits to your future wealth. Identify and change your money crushing stinking thinking. Discover how having lots of capital with little skill is dangerous to your financial health. Discern your universe of investing possibilities. Recognize how bonds can secure your lifestyle and how to calculate the boatloads of cash needed to do it. See real estate as a time consuming business rather than as a passive investment. Ask yourself if you really want to start a complicated business that requires a lot of risk capital. Know how to minimize your biggest cost taxes! Avoid the massive financial and time risk of the typical startup. Never employ price targets for a subtle reason secret to most. Section 2 – Harness the life transforming power of compounding. Learn how to leverage your time, hard work and money to enrich you and yours. Avoid multi-level marketing schemes that suck away your time and money. Grasp the importance of being in a business of your own. Make your old and new money make more money with compounding. See why the really big money is in the basic goods and services. See a better way of doing business with little capital at risk. How to plug into the money machine Mark Zuckerberg invented. Learn how to find the silver lining in any disaster you face in life. Harness the potential to make money from a climate controlled home office in the Caribbean. Section 3 – Pay Yourself First by Making Great Investments!Why supplying basic needs is the most sure fired way to get rich. Avoid unstable currencies. Master controlled leverage trading. Marvel how major currencies flow back and forth across the Atlantic and Pacific electronically. Give yourself the same shot at riches as any top banker. Focus your business on the 7 strongest currencies in the world. Know why European households on vacation in Disney World were smiling ear to ear in 2009. Use the PIP to allow you to measure how much you have at risk.Section 4 – Going Global From a Kitchen Table, Your Spare Bedroom or Home OfficeFocus your investments on the 7 lowest risk currencies in the world today. Discover why bet (position) size also dictates risk. Understand why George Soros needed to hold large currency positions. Hedge your salary with a side line business as a Forex trader from a laptop anywhere. Diversify away from your job. Put both swing and momentum Forex trading to your advantage. Discover why it is so important to cash out your house.. Be cautious investing in currency, stock or bonds from a Romance language country. Section 5 – Profiting As the Unexpected Always Happens or as History Repeats Itself!Use this crystal clear currency guide of which countries are safest for owning an overseas vacation property. Learn this simple trick to make your thinking more positive and healthier! Use buying and selling campaigns with stop losses to scale into and out of the market. Shut out anybody who does not believe you have the ability to trade. Put an intellectual currency trading system in place Discover why Mojo Nixon should win next year’s Nobel Prize in economics. Develop the courage to back your best ideas with your own money. Your personal experience will become your best guide to trading over time.Section 6 – Three Little Moving Lines Chart Out the Currency Seas High and Lows!See momentum and reversal as a common theme in our natural world.Retain sufficient discipline to never step over safe boundaries when trading through the screen a big part of how is by forcing focus on no more than three currency pairs.Why I refuse to trade the Norwegian Krone (NOK) also known as “the Knockie” and the Swedish Krona (SEK) fondly nicknamed the Stockie.”Discover the reasons I only invest in The United States Dollar (USD), the Euro currency (EUR), the Great Britain Pound (GBP), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the Canadian dollar (CAD), the Australian dollar (AUD) and the New Zealand dollar (NZD).See a portfolio as nothing more than a data matrix.Focus first on downside risk.Avoid the EUR/CHF now known as the zombieHow this secret instrument shows you all of the Forex bets on and off the table.Section 7 – Sensible Account Funding for Favorable Odds for Forex Success!Discover why you want to avoid financial sales people.Why a dual income is actually dangerous for your family.Incorporate the concentrated wisdom of Andrew Carnegie into your trading.Section 8 – You are what you Eat & How a Big Mac Index Makes You Better at Fx!Learn how the Big Mac hamburger could help you trade Forex like David Ricardo! Get x-ray vision to gradual change through ultra-long term currency price charts. Use this indicator to spot undervalued and overvalued currencies in the very long term.Section 9 – Mastering The World’s Most Powerful Indicator – The Moving Averages!Employ this simple strategy shown to produce an eye-popping 18.81% alpha. Thinking this way helps you wait patiently for opportunity. Put the bulls and the bears moving average cross-over software system to work for you. Section 10 – Trading Forex in a 401(k) or Fx in a Roth via Currency ETF Options!Learn this hard and fast rule of currency futures options. Why you should engage in one kind of business only.Section 11 – Learning to Drive a Car is a Lot like Trading Forex for a Beginner!Avoid clever marketers and hedge fund operators in charade as caring mentors at money shows. Develop a system that will harvest profits automatically. Focus your efforts on few rather than (too) many profit opportunities. Trade Forex in simulation with no cash at risk.Section 12 – The Secret” To Success On Better Life Focus and Perseverance!Discover this secret way of thinking that could dramatically improve your life fast! Section 14 – Take the First Steps Into Your New World of Positive Thinking!Share what you learn with others. Conclusion – An Important Question Only You Can Answer About the Rest of Your Life!Toe-the-line for your family by taking action and applying what you learn.Platform Training – No or Low Risk Fx Forex Trading Through Your Laptop Screen!A detailed introduction to the chart of the majestic EUR/USD. A close look at the tricky to trade GBP/USD. Understand the chart patterns of the low interest rate paying Japanese yen major the USD/JPY. Discover why professional traders now associate the sovereign currency of the Swiss Central Bank with The Walking Dead this major is the USD/CHF. Embrace the crosses as important stabilization pairs to macro-trend diversify your core portfolio. Visualize to help you form your cross-country portfolio with this training. A specific step by step example of how to set up a cross-country portfolio. How to read the Commitment of Traders (COT) for the EUR/USD. Add Forex to your Roth or 401(k) with ETFs. Clarify your grasp of value and momentum as the only anomalies that can be traded in Forex for positive Jensen’s Alpha. [LIVE] World Currency Forex Live Video and Text Fx Investment Examples!Monday through Friday updated daily! Pick up the nuances of actual trading with little or no money at risk. This unique circadian investment newsletter carries you through specific currencies and other key factors regarding trading forex through the screen in real money in real time.Does this have you thinking? SURE, SCOTT! MY LIFE SAVINGS AND LIFESTYLE ARE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO PROTECT!” Sign up! Just hit the blue, rectangular button up there to the right that says Take This Course.” Use some of your PayPal slush fund money for a chance to grow! See you inside now! -Doc BrownDr. Scott Brown, Associate Professor of Finance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto RicoP.S. This is a risk free offer. Udemy offers you a 30 day money back guarantee. * This course is updated every week except for when Doc Brown goes on holiday.