The Personal Transformation coaching for guaranteed Results or your money back! The Best Course”The best course about goal setting.” – Eddy AlvaradoLoved this course”Engaging, interesting teaching style and lots of great inspirational information. Definitely recommend.” – Mary Allison BrownLots of great tipsA very good course on how to achieve your goals. I have taken several courses on goal-setting and yet I learned some new tricks 🙂 – Laila AndersenInteresting and insightful!”Great course: it’s well organized and presented. And I like that there are some practical suggestions on what and how to do everything in terms of your goals.” – Gulnara EmiraliExcellent “Very well done and organized. I found the material and the worksheets excellent and the material very easy to understand and apply. Good job.” – Steve BennettsFantastic!”I am half way through the course and I am compelled to write a review! Very impressed by the course Naveen. I have read 100’s of books on self-help and listened to 100’s of hours of Self-help materials, the techniques in the course and the way it is presented and the selection of techniques Naveen has presented is practical and very useful. I highly recommend this course, it will help you achieve your goals.” – Midhun V.M.What do you get? Animated video lectures,Worksheets that accompany each major lecture,Goals template for you to write your own goals,Complete eBook.Course Summary The course is all about the simplest yet ever-eluding topic “How to make your goals stick, firmly?” It is a topic that anyone from 16 to 60 would like to know – in depth.Anyone reading this can recall those times when your most important goals were not accomplished simply because of the fact that they were not firmly affixed in mind.Simple, practical and also NLP-based techniques used in this course.How?The mind does not know what is real and what is imaginary.You don’t agree with me?Let me give an example. You go to a theatre to watch a movie, and in that movie, the lead character when he/she dies, you become emotional. You even cry. Isn’t it surprising? What is happening on screen is just enacting and the characters are all actors.Still you cry!This is why I say, the mind doesn’t know what is real and what is imaginary.This nature of our brain, is it good or bad?It is great!Why?Because we are going to trick the mind into believing that you are achieving that goal completely and thoroughly. So thoroughly that your subconscious mind starts preparing you for that event.This is the beauty!Exactly, this is what we are going to do in this course.The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.It is all about practice. After knowing some of the techniques in the coming chapters, put them into use right away. The more you practice, the more your interest and commitment to Goal-setting grows.The course is structured in a way that is short yet hard-hitting, simple yet engaging with relevant animations. The whole course is designed in an easy mobile-phone readable style. You can see bolder texts in every frame and are easy on your eyes.In every lecture, you get PDF ebook with the lecture’s content (which is again in an easy mobile-phone readable format).From now on, never let any goal go unachieved – goals that are close to your heart.Do that Masters degree in your dream University!Make $1 million!Ace that tough job interview!Buy your dream house!Win that Tennis Championship!Learn & master Chinese!Marry the love of your life!Move up in your career!Become a Master Chef!To achieve anything under the sun, I will show you all the practical and easy-to-do techniques to get you home.