Super Sales Star is proud to be an effective way to learn sales skills using NLP. When you cometo Super Sales Star, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to become a superstar in sales. 1. You will learn the following skills:-Art of sales:+ Negotiation skills with customers+ Method of effective sales measurement+ Search and evaluate potential customers- Sales process:+ Targeting skill for sales process+ Sales management skills+ The art of appointing potential customers+ Applying NLP in communication+ Skills to deal with halt, fear of buying of customers- Sales Consultant:+ Skills to listen and understand customers+ Distinguish between amateur sellers and sales consultants+ Skills to influence customers- Introduce products directly to customers:+ Skills to create sympathy and trust for customers+ Skills to collect information from customers+ Communication skills with customers through body language and tone+ Using question skill to attract the attention of customers+ Motivation Techniques for customers to buy right away+ Confident and attractive presentation skills+ Skills to close sales+ Skills to deal with customer objections+ Emotional control skills when working with clients+ Fast and effective closing skills. 2. After this course you will: – Know how to manage the sales system for yourself and your employees- Understand and apply sales funnel- Measure sales effectiveness- Become a reliable sales consultant- Get successful sales thinking.- Understand deeply and perform step by step in the sales consultancy.- Take control all situations and overcome the failure in the sales process- Accumulate experience in building trust for clients in the consulting process.- Confidently present products to attract customers and gain effectiveness.- Understand how the customer’s brain works- There are methods to improve sales effectiveness- Distinguish different customer groups and know how to respond to each group- Detect and correct common mistakes in the sales process- Know the buying signs of customers- Know how to turn the halt into a sales opportunity- Master in influence skill and become “Super sales star