Support your children to manage overwhelming feelings…


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This course brings the LEAVE Approach to life* WELCOME*This is the Beginning of our journey together. You will find 5 lessons each contains a video for you to watch and a downloadable workbook to help you.This course is designed as a follow on from our FREE E Book on the LEAVE Approach. You will find this again to download in part 1of this course.The LEAVE Approach is an easy to follow strategy to help build self esteem in your children at times when they can be overwhelmed.There are 5 strands to this approach and this course along with our free ebook will bring the approach to life, so you have all the skills needed when you choose to implement the LEAVE Approach.This simple to follow approach has 5 strandsLISTENEMPATHYAFFIRMATIONVALIDATIONENQUIRYWe Talk you through the whole process and you have downloadable worksheets to keep.We can show you exactly what to do, and FAST…covering a fantastic, proven strategy, helping you deal with your Child’s Feelings, Overwhelm and Stresses NOW!Whilst ALSO building self esteem, Bonus!