Survival Russian Course “World Cup 2018


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Football … The game of millions, the king of sports, the favorite pastime of a huge number of people on the planet. Whether watching a match in a bar with friends, kicking a ball in the yard or a professional training. In 2018 it will beWorld Cup in Russia. Idecided to create this course for all fans of football, who are going to follow World Cup 2018.First of all, I invite you to look at the basic football vocabulary, necessary for understandingthe match on TV in Russian or maintaining aconversation about yesterday’s game with other fans.Also you will learn, how to present yourself, some basic greetings and important phrases (like “where is the stadium?”)in case if you go to Russia to see the match.Of course, we will study numbers, so you can understand the score. And in the end of the course I will share with you some quotes about football in Russian.