Interview Questions.Are you ready for your interview? In this course you will code, build, and understand data structures to help you prepare. Many iOS developer interviews will present you with obscure questions regarding algorithms and data structures. It’s my job to help you learn, re-learn, and master these data structures. This course will equip you with a solid working understanding of two list data structures.Linked Lists & Arrays.If you have a computer science degree, you know how these data structures work, and subconsciously you are better able to solve coding problems because of this. If you don’t have a CS degree though, or you forgot these structures, let me give you a brief overview before you enroll in the course and master them in Swift code..A LinkedList is a linear data structure where elements, or nodes, are chained together via pointers to other nodes in memory. This differs from an Array, in that an Array is a linear data structure where values are stored at a specific location in memory, a physical location so to speak. Algorithms and Data Structures.As you complete the material in this course you will write several of what I like to call “mini-algorithms” within each data structure. These are written to perform specific tasks within a data structure such as appending a new node to a LinkedList, or removing a node at a specific index from a LinkedList or Array structure.Unlimited Pro Support.When you enroll in a maxcodes course here on Udemy, you gain full access to the available QA resources. This means if you ever get stuck you can ask any question your heart desires and the instructor will promptly look into your issue and help you resolve it and learn what you need to learn within course parameters. Start Learning.When you enroll today, you will begin building out these data structures. It’s very possible you can finish this course within one day and have a working knowledge of how these structures work. So hop into the material and let’s get learning!