Swim Butterfly in WEST Swimming Technique



You are about to become a WEST swimmer. This means you will learn the right way for you to swim, according to your own body and not for someone elses. The West swimming technique was developed by a large team of swimmers, physical therapists and hydro-therapists working to rehabilitate thousands of people recovering from a stroke, a disc herniation or a car accident, with the purpose of matching the swimming style that is right for you, so you can swim correctly, without any pains, advance faster in the water, improve metabolism, heart functioning and more… The training program is customized especially for you according to your flexibility, elasticity, gender, strength, buoyancy, swimming ability, pain level, physical fitness and so on. There are 10 different training sessions; each must be performed three times. So if you work out three times a week, you will finish the program within three months and if you work out twice a week, it will take you four months and so on (working out twice a week or less is not recommended, because it wouldnt be efficient and might cause you to quit the program. You may of course work out 4 – 5 times a week but not 6).