T.T.M Languages Unit 2 (Learn Spanish)



How do I use/teach this method? Step 1 – VocabStudents: Write in column 3 how they think the words should be spelt phonetically, and repeat the words out loud.Teachers: Play audio, encourage students to say the word out loud and repeat the word yourself to reinforce.Step 2 Example conversationStudents: Listen and read the example conversation. Then if chosen, read out loud and then the teacher will pick students to translate.Teacher: Correct pronunciation and translation if necessary.Step 3 Conversation 2Teacher: If you feel that everybody has understood move on and play conversation 2 twice o three time if necessary. Then ask questions from the teachers book.Students: Make notes about what you hear in the audio so that you can answer the question about conversation 2.Teachers: If the students didnt get many right or you feel they didnt quite understand everything. Play audio again highlighting the answers.(Group classes) Teacher: tell students to practice themselves. Go round groups correcting as you go. Students: Practice with a partner/the person next to you. Try to make it a natural conversation, ask as many questions as you can. Teacher: Stop the class and go round a few students or all students depending on numbers and have the conversation with them using the revision questions and correcting them if they make mistakes.Student: Listen to the mistakes of others try not to make the same mistake. Teacher: revise previous questions before moving on to the next lesson or exercise.Step 4 Tests (Dictations, Listening tests and level tests)After every three lessons, there is a short test of 25 words or phrases in Spanish. Copy them and translate them to English. When you are ready, press play and you will see the answers. Correct the mistakes, and if your score is more than 18 correct answers you will be ready to go to the next lesson.After every 10 lessons, there is a longer conversation based on the previous 10 lessons. The questions will be on the screen throughout the audio. You can listen to it as many times as you want. The level test is the same as the dictations but it has the most important words of the last 15 lessons.