Why Tai Chi is the Perfect Tool for Managing Your HealthThere are a lot of courses out there teaching you how to cope with ill-health, stress or tension, especially at home or in the workplace, but few with the history and depth of approach that Tai Chi provides, for this ancient practice not only can tell you what to do, but more importantly it can show you how to do it.Today, more and more of us experience the negative aspects of a work life from home or in an office where our work seems to never end – it reaches out into our travel, social and even leisure time. Tai Chi has an answer to this, for it is full of simple and easy exercises that can be incorporated into our daily activities so when we have a stressful day or a particularly challenging event occurs, we are ready and poised to deal with it.What this Course TeachesTo regain a healthy balance we need to implement some simple changes and that’s what this course teaches in four complete sessions:1: You will learn the importance of posture. Working up the body, introducing exercises for each part that will help build awareness of tension and develop good alignment skills.2: In the following session you will learn a new approach to focus and concentration, looking at the imagination, eye exercises, peripheral vision and finally learning a moving mediation called – Cat Walking3: Next you will learn about: work space, breathing, diet and food for all these have a direct impact on your energy levels and ability to stay relaxed and focused.4: Then we will move onto the ideas of slowing down and building balance – two notions with accompanying exercises that are essential to developing a good set of tools that will resist the negative impact of stress in your life.Finally, throughout this course, you will learn a series of simple and easy Tai Chi postures, so that by the end, you will have a beautiful and harmonious mini-sequence to practice each day – to fend off stress before it even gets close.Why Learn with Me?All the exercises and approaches in this course have been selected from the years of training I have given hundreds of students who have come in search of help – for guidance and advice on best methods for resisting mounting pressures at work or at home. I can’t give you a less stressful job, but I can give you the tools to turn that stress into something useful and in turn, make you a calmer, more relaxed and more balanced person.