+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 150,000 happy students from 195 countries.We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Learn the secret key to effective target marketing! FIND YOUR TRIBE!!Getting to know your tribe is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself and your business. Understanding your niche, your target market, and your ideal clients is the key to marketing your business effectively. But embracing your core TRIBE of raving fans is the key to marketing and your business success!Below are common symptoms of ineffective marketing and NOT targeting your tribe properly:        Feeling stuck pulling from the same small, local market        Having minimal or no business generated from online, website or social media marketing efforts        Having low enrollment in programs or low sales volume        Spend the majority of your time trying to reach people, with little resultsTarget Marketing helps you identify and reach your tribe:        You know exactly who your clients are and how to reach them            You get to work with the people you truly enjoy        You get exclusive insight into what your ideal clients truly want so you can better meet their needs        You develop raving fans that support you and market your business FOR you        Your marketing is more effective with less cost and effort If you are going to take the time to invest in creating a website, emails, videos, newsletters, products and programs for your target market. dont you think its a good idea to understand who they are and marketing strategies that work? If you dont define your tribeHow much time, money, and energy might you waste guessing??? Stop wasting your time trying to convince people to want what you have to offer, it is not effective marketing and stop neglecting the ones that are eager to work with you!Stop wasting your money on ineffective marketing strategies that target too broadly or target the wrong market. Marketing isnt about having the right message, its about COMMUNICATING the right message to the right AUDIENCE. In this marketing course, were going to help you:        Identify your tribeyour ideal target marketand turn them into raving fans        Test your niche to see if its profitable        Determine where to find your tribe members, both in person and online        Develop powerful collaborative relationships that get you direct access to your tribeSo, are you ready to transform your business through target marketing? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!  Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.  So, who are we?   In almost two decades as entrepreneurs, we have worked with tens  of thousands of people, and we also have 60,000 students from 190  countries. All of our programs are designed based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, education and as entrepreneurs,  as well Joeel’s Masters in Counseling and almost completed Ph.D. in  Psychology, with a focus on happiness.