Teach English Online (Anyone can do it!)



Most people take for granted that they can earn money online just for being a native English speaker! Unlike other courses, this course helps you obtain a position for teaching English online with a company that already has an established student base. There is no need to go through the hassle of marketing yourself and creating your own website to find students.This course provides the nitty gritty details of how to get a job teachingEnglish online. Teaching onlinecan be done from anywhere with a solid internet connection.There are many benefits of teaching online including making your own schedule,working from home,having the flexibility to travel while working. From this course, students will gain more than justa basic understanding of the job, they will obtain hands-onskills for finding the right company, nailing an interview, and using best practice in the onlineclassroom.Teaching online is great for educators seeking to supplement their income, stay-at-home moms and anyone that wants to work at home. After this course students will realize that the skills for becoming an online teacher are very obtainable for anyone that has a native command of English!So hop in and I’ll guide you to your next online teaching job!