If you are looking to transform your boring and ineffective ESL lessons into a fun, engaging, and efficient environment, this course will help you to achieve that by understanding and learning:The shortcomings of existing ESL education approaches Principles of learning the mother tongueHow thebilingual brain worksFive main elements of a classroom setting Types of content children like to learnTypes of mediums to applyThe most efficient and natural methodologyProgressive Practice PatternHow to manage yourself and your studentsHow to manage yourself and lead your studentsAnd much moreWhat makes me qualified to teach you?My name is Arsalan Tosifi, also known as Teacher Alen in the education field. I have more than a decade of experience in early childhood ESL teaching and business management.My experiences and achievements include:Taught various types of ESL curriculums with a deep understanding for each.Designed and authored EnglishKidsYoga curriculum that garnered wide amount of interests from kids and parents.I am also the founder of EnglishTrip ESL Kindergarten in South Korea, where I successfully:Created and implemented the Project-Based Learning umbrella with hundreds of lesson plans running on the philosophy of Learning by Doing, Out-Of-Classroom activities, as well as the rich exploration of the natural learning process for bilingual children.Conducted trainings for teachers and parents.My promise to youHaving been an English teacher for many years, I understand exactly the frustrations and stress you are facing each day in the classroom. Teaching English to students who are not interested in learning a second language can be very challenging. There are huge amounts of pressure and high expectations for teachers to carry out their duties, achieve results, and yet keep the classes fun and stress-free.That is why I developed the EnglishSeed Teach Kids Speak English Naturally in 70 Days Method which guarantees the satisfaction of everyone. You will gain confidence as a teacher, raise student interests, and achieve tangible results in the process that will make parents and school managers proud and satisfied!BONUS for this CourseYou will receive a whole-section on Classroom Management tips and basic guidelines at the end of this course. The full-course will be available for purchase separately in the near future.You will also receive a summary of the course in downloadable PDF format.Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in Lesson 1!All the best, Teacher Alen