Totally Updated for fall 2019.Do you want to teach others to take their skills, hobbies, or business experiences and share them as an online course on the Udemy platform?Use the content of this course and not only will you learn to put courses up on Udemy, you’ll also be able to conduct your own workshop – online or off. You’ll be able to help others turn their knowledge into profit and become known as experts in their fields with the help of Udemy.What will you be able to teach in your own Udemy workshop?* Required content on Udemy videos, amount of content, quality, course image, promo video* Basic information for each course title, keywords, category, language* Fees* Benefits of having a course free or paid* Details of a Udemy course summary, objectives, level, audience* Curriculum content adding lectures and sections, supplementary material, publishing (this part isn’t as clear as it could be)* Course settings privacy, price, coupons, other instructors, 3rd party integration* Added features social sharing, certificates, student questions, announcements, gift cards, instructor support group, the bonus lecture  * Tips for best practices based on positive and negative reviews given by actual Udemy studentsAs well as knowing what to teach in your workshop, you’ll have access to slides and a script to use for your training. You’ll even have handouts for your class and tips for teaching. Everything to get you on your way in your training career!