Terraform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic



Terraform can describe complex sets of infrastructure that exists locally or remotely. It is focused on building and changing that infrastructure over time.The primary usage of Terraform is for managing remote resources in cloud providers such as AWS, Oracle Cloud. Terraform is designed to be able to manage extremely large infrastructures that span multiple cloud providers.This course about the provisioning the resources on oracle cloud infrastructure classic using the Terraform.As we already know, the goal of DevOps is to perform software delivery more efficiently, and we need some tools to make this delivery quickly and efficiently, this is where the tools like Terraform help companies with infrastructure as code and automation.I’m sureyou will enjoy this course!Disclaimer: Oracle and Terrafrom logo are registered trademark of Oracle Corp. and Terraform Corp. This course is not certified, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Oracle Corp. and Terraform Corp.Credit: Music (purple-planet)