Smallapps and websites are easy, but the major challenges arise when theapp starts getting bigger and more complex. This is where testingcomes in, so that the more codes you add, the less bugs are created.Anyone who has had to deal with bugs understand the painstaking timeand energy that goes into removing them.Testingis a great way to ensure that your codes work without rendering themor sending them on to production.However, the old manual testing methods are medieval andtedious. Writing codes for every test scenario makes the job not onlyharder and longer but can also result in bugs still leaking on to theproduction stage. This iswhy test-driven development is a great option.Angularis currently one of the best frameworks to work for building dynamicand complex apps which result in apps that look professional and workspectacularly. However, that isnt all that Angular is good for. Italso offers a kick-ass TDDenvironment. AngularTesting further simplifies the process of testing by making testingeven easier. Using TypeScript, Angular offers a much richerdevelopment ecosystem. It allows an environment for testing multiplescenarios, as well as simulation of server-side requests andabstraction of the Document Object Model (DOM). However,getting started with the Angular TDD can be a little confusing whichis why we have designed the ultimate Angular TDD course to help youget started! This course covers everything you would need to knowabout Angular Test Driven Development. Thecourse will help breakdown exactly how to get started with AngularTDD and even how to incorporate it in your own projects.Thecourse balances theory and practical to ensure that each examplecomes with the theory behindit and vice versa. At the end of this course, you will have not onlymastered Angular TDD, butyoull also be confident enough to actually start using thisamazing environment for your own Angular projects.Thecourse will start with a basic but detailed introduction into AngularTest-Driven Development, from where it will delve deeper into topicssuch as different testing components, forms, tests, third-partytesting services, useful Angular libraries (Jasmine, Karma,Protractor, Faker, etc.), specifics of testing Angular applicationsand even how to conduct end-to-end testing.So,what are you waiting for? Enroll now and let Angular TDD do thetesting for you!