The 10 Essential Steps for Success General Summary of theCourse:The 10 Essential Steps for Successis a course designed to help you to accomplish the following:Learn how to work through or on anysituation in your life. Learn how to use the 10 Essential Steps forSuccess in your business, home life or even Your Church!Learn how to be clear in your Goals andDreams.Learn how to design a success plan to fitany situation.Gain the confidence to be able to achieveanything that you desire.Understand what is holding you back, so you canlearn to move forward.How to set daily reminders for yourself.How to watch out for dreams stealers.What you should be workingon daily.Why do youwant to take my course called the 10 Essential Steps for Success? You want totake this course if you are anything like I was many years ago. I was tired,run down, lost, tired of falling short with my goals, and I had a huge desireto want to be successful. If this is youthen this course was designed for you, and my hope is that you gain from it in theway that I had several years earlier. You might even take this course becauseyou are tired of being broke, have no clue how you are going to accomplishsomething amazing, or you are just feeling stressed or depressed. If you fitinto any of these categories or anything remotely close, then I encourage youto take this course because I will help pull you through on the other end. Thiscourse will help teach you how to turn success into a systematic approach. The coursewe are presenting here will help to draw from the mental strength hidden insideof you. This course will also help discipline you to work on a success strategyto achieve more in your life. The 10 Essentials Steps for Success trains you tofocus on where you are, where you want to go and how you are going to get there.My job is simple; I help bridge the gap for you. This course will help you withwhat is holding you back, so you can learn how to move forward in your life. Iknow it is tough to look inward at your life, (it was for me for sure) and bebrutally honest, but this is what I am going to help teach you. I say eliminatethe lies because we tell too many self-lies. We do not hit at the heart of thetruth and instead like to make excuses for not achieving success. No moreexcuses as of this day forward. You really want only truths in your life. Byfollowing this course and learning from yourself you will have more successthan you have previously tried. Do not worry as no one will know your innertruths only you will with one exception; when you change they will ask how youdid it!This Successcourse is structured with videos, resources, and exercises that are designedfor you to work on to learn how to be successful. I use a lot of questions toget you to find the answers to accomplish this course. These questions willhelp you to achieve success. I will provide some handouts and other material aswell to assist you in the completion of this course. At the end there is anessay for you to write that you should be able to pass with flying colors.I deliverto you some strong education, personal stories, victories as well as defeats. Iteach you about life, business, teams and relationships. I do a lot in this course,but the reality is that you will do more work, and only you will create massivesuccess. I am simply here to encourage you. What you will also learn though isyou need a success coach or mentor. You canwork straight through this course or you can take it slow and focus in on eachsection. Some of this stuff is more intense where other sections are a biteasier to learn, and for you to utilize right away. There is no time limit orpass or fail but make sure that you can learn from it. As you continue throughthe course you will learn the ten steps. These steps can and should be useddaily for small goals or problems and then you will learn to use them long termdepending on how big of a goal or problem you are attacking. Dreams should notbe easy and in fact almost beyond your reach. That was before you got yourhands on this course.Lastly, Icaution you to keep what youre doing in this course to yourself for a while.Most people will not understand why you even need to do this work. They willuse words like, you are perfect how you are. You are okay, and you have it all together,but truth be told your family and friends dont mean to cause you any harm.They are just unconscientiously attacking your belief system, and that is whatwe are going to change. People around you may try and discourage you, or atminimum they may get you questioning your resolve in this course as well as thechange. Standstrong until we can spend enough time together, and I will help you to alwaysbe confident in your resolve. As this course continues I will be addingpersonal videos, pdfs, pictures, inspiration and more. This will help you getmore than your monies worth. I hope if I do a great job then you will referthis course to others, and maybe put in an application to get successcoaching/mentoring from me (I dont take on just anyone to coach). Lets notget ahead of ourselves. Lets get ready for the 10 Essentials Steps forSuccess! I am excited for you because you are starting on an incredible journeyI took may years ago.Disclaimer:By agreeing to take this course through Udemy,and by TruthMastery,Inc, you understand that not all results are typical, and youwill end up with a unique result from others who have taken this course. There is no such thing as easy,or noissues with achieving an outcome as every person is different. Truth Masterycan attest that many people have had great success just as many have had lessthan great success. All experiences are unique, and we give no writtenguarantees. 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