The 30 in 45 Weight Loss & Body Transformation Program



UPDATEDOCTOBER 2018 WITHMOREHELPFUL NUTRITION INFORMATION & TIPS TO HELP YOU TRANSFORM YOUR BODY, HEALTH & LIFE!The 30 in 45 Weight Loss & Body Transformation Program is not a diet!….This is a lifestyle modification and body transformation program the produces the lasting and sustainable changes and results you desire. You see diets are designed to fail, heck, the first three letters of DIET spell DIE, in fact I argue that diets actually lead to the death of weight loss.The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines diet as: “A regimen of eating or drinking sparingly so as to reduce ones weight”. But, with the 30 in 45 program there are no restrictions on how much you can eat and no countingcalories. With this program you eat whenever you are hungry as long as you eat from the prescribed list ofacceptable foodswhich is liberal in choice and even better one day per week you MUST indulge yourself and eat anything and everything you want.This includes pizza, cupcakes, fried foods, pancakes, beer, cheesecake and anything else you desire (although only once every 7 days).Additionally, the 30 in 45 program allows you to workout at home with no equipment other than your own bodyweight for as little as 48 minutes a week. Its perfect for anyone who is truly serious about taking control of their weight, health, and future.