The Advanced Self-Healing Road-Map


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Dr. Joe Marshalla has had several catastrophic health opportunities from which he has miraculously recovered. These health opportunities have included several near death experiences, several death experiences, 6 coronary bypasses, 3 strokes, coma, amnesia, subclavian bypass, paralysis and a whole host of conditions that most people never fully recover from.  However, to the surprise of all his doctors, surgeons and specialists, he has fully recovered from these extraordinary health experiences and is stronger and healthier than ever.Dr. Joe states, “My recovery was not a miracle… it was by design… and this “Design” is exactly what is shared and taught in this class.”Dr. Joe skillfully takes the students through the science, philosophies, conditions, tools and systems involved in the process of self-healing and then teaches how to implement these into our lives and/or current health challenges.