The Animated Video Playbook ,How to create AVid for your Biz



Attract New Customers and Prospects With Ease By Learning The Simple Steps to Creating Animated Videos”In this “No Fluff” 21 Module Straight To The Point +1 Hour Course, Youll Find Out How To Get The Most of Your Animated Video Creating SoftwareDate:Saturday, January 26.Youve come to this page because you’re probably the owner of one of the Video Creating Software Platforms like Explaindio, VideoFX of Sparkol.But seriously, when was the last time you actually used what you paid for…Right now, it’s probably looking like another one of those shiny objects that you bought with good intentionsBut one that you never really use to create videosBut you’ve seen other people create GREAT Sales Videos and Interesting Opt-in Videos…There Is a Simple Step By Step Process You Can FollowRegardless of what software you use, did you know that there is a process that you can follow that makes creating Animated Videos Easy to understand and easier to create?And that when you follow it, the technical details will fall to the background?Did you know that figuring out when to use words and when to use images is pretty easy…when you do things in the right order?Youre probably wondering, if it’s this easy, why have you not figured it outThe answer is complicated. All of the awesome animated video creation software shows you how to do two things…First, it teaches on the abstract…and does a very good job of this. So, you get a full education on how to create stories and write copy and how that figures into animated videoSecond, they tell you how to be successful using your software. Of course, this is natural and exact what you’d expect. So, you’re probably an expert on ast least two platformsBut, there is a little gap there. How do I go from having my story to getting it ready for the software?Then, how can I do it over and over again with ease?There Is A Reason Why You Don’t Use Your Animated Video Software Very MuchOnce you’ve learned how to use the software and how to create a story, you’ve become an expert on how to create one video. What you don’t have is a process to create multiple kinds of video, multiple stories and multiple scenarios.Think of what it would be like to have a simple process that works regardless of the situation and scenario….You’ll discover all the steps, tools and resources to help you finally succeed and get results!