Learn how to bring fantasy to life, write and publish eroticaFinally, youll have a step by step plan for writing engaging and satisfying sensual books.With books such as “50 Shades of Grey”, erotic books have now gone mainstream. More people are buying erotica books than ever before because of ebooks.Ebooks have changed the way readers find and consume erotica.No longer do people have to go into bookshops; now, they can download and enjoy sexy stories in private.There is no better time to become an erotic author or to enter this market if you are already a writer.Fact: There is demand for Erotic Books from an author who know what theyre doing.And what we mean by that is someone who can tell a story.If you are thinking of building a business as an author, you will need a plan and processes in place to: Emotionally engage your readers from page one Create sexually charged stories, i.e. understand the erotic arc of storytelling Write books that the market place want to buyGone are the days of poorly written stories passing for erotica. And that is good news for you.As you go through the Art and Business of Writing Erotica, youll learn each of the steps needed to write a sound and marketable story.More specifically, youll learn: The art of seduction framework, using this 12 step plan you can build characters that youre your readers will be emotionally drawn too. Bring fantasy to life Create a never-ending flow of ideas for your books Have a step by step template for creating consistently great stories that build in tension so that your readers will beg you for more books The business of building a professional author brand Cut through the hype of marketing and know what to do so that you can sell your booksIn short, the Art and Business of Writing Erotica takes you through the process of coming up with an idea to publishing and marketing your book.You will know the difference between romance, erotic romance and erotic stories, and why emotions are so crucial to the story.The course is a balance of the art of writing good erotic fiction and the business of creating a personal author brand (this can be done under a pen name)So if you are interested in writing stories that are: Full of imagination Satisfying to the author and reader Bring fantasy to life That weave in the art of seduction through your books That follows the erotic story arcAnd Know where to find fresh ideas Have a template for your stories Build a premise for your narratives like a proAnd Understand the business of selling books Build author brands Access free author pages on one of the most successful websites in the world Know if your book cover sends the right message Want to sell your book on a site that has 80% of the market share Position your books so that your readers find you Use a technique that is missed by most authors that helps your writing be discovered by more readers And know the one thing to do that will build your publishing more than anything else you could doThen this is the course for you.Take action today and buy this course knowing you have a full 100% money back guarantee.Join us today, write books have fun and fulfil fantasies