Effective Presentation Skillsis the most importantskillatevery stage of your career. You will find endless number of scholars who were not able to rise in their career because of thefear of poor presentation skills. This course is for you if you want to make an impression upon audience with your sound presentation skills.In this course, you’ll learn about designing & delivering your message to the audience through well designed presentations andusing personal stories, audience interaction, real life examples, humor, comparisons & audience-centric explanations.This course will focus on the aspects of presentation such as Slides, Data, Graphics, Voice, Position, Smart Arts, Charts, Eye Contact, Structuring, Bullet Points, Fonts, Emotions, Props, Storytelling, Questions & Videos.CA Pankaj Jain is a Chartered Accountant,Soft Skill Trainer & owns a Presentation Design Firm in India. He has trained hundreds of professionals & students about the ins & outs of great presentations.This course is surely going toto keep you engaged and inspire you togain knowledge of ‘what to do’ & ‘what not to do” during presentations. Because the course is well edited, it consumes less time of the students & delivers more in less time.