The Art of Zapping Bugs – C# Debugging with Visual Studio



Focused on C# with Visual Studio, important topics are covered in this software debugging course, which includes downloadable projects. Authored and presented by a professional software developer with 15 years of experience with Visual Studio and the .NET technologies, this course aims to help you be a proficient software debugger.    We’ll discuss the benefits of being good at software debugging. We’ll discuss theories as the basis for targeted diagnostics. And we’ll explore various types of bugs to help you recognize and locate software errors. We’ll discuss debugging tactics to reduce time-waste and frustration that you can put to immediate use in your professional software development career.Software debugging skills are great for a better understanding of how bugs sneak into our code in the first place. Debugging skills improve us as software developers by helping us write cleaner code and identify our knowledge gaps. In addition, debugging skills help us communicate better with fellow software professionals. Good debugging skills reward us beyond fixing malfunctions in code – they make us better software professionals.The Art of Zapping Bugs helps you become a proficient C# debugger. All experience levels welcome. Just bring your enthusiasm to enhance your software profession.Pat