The Basics of Intuition & Energy



Over 1 hour of video content! By the end of this course you will be knowledgeable in the basics of energy, spirituality (as in mind, body, SPIRIT), how to protect your energy from the energy of others, how to clear and ground your energy, as well as about all of the major energy systems and what they do, how to develop your skills, set intentions, create affirmations, learn a meditation technique that anyone can do and SO much more! Plus, your guides are around you all of the time – you will learn how to utilize and call upon them, how to notice they are around and more.In this course we will cover:Intro about meWhat inspired me to create this courseWhat youll learnAbout Energy and How Energy WorksOur aura and energy in generalNature, Animals & our connection to the worldMeditation activity 1Food, Energy Systems & IntuitionEnergy and FoodCompare low energy food with good energy foodChakras, Meridians, Aura, and ElementsChakrasEach Chakra basicsMeridiansAuraWearing certain colors that dayVisualization Exercise: Sensing your aura & its primary dominant colorElementsThe ClairsClairvoyanceClairsentienceClaircognizanceClairalienceClairaudienceEmpath FeelingIntuition as EnergyLearning to Trust Your IntuitionExercise: Have you experienced intuition?What does it feel like when you trust your intuition vs not trusting it?Intentions and AffirmationsExercise: Affirmations for intuitionYou build an affirmationHow to use affirmationsPositive Energy versus Negative EnergyMuscle testing exercise.Different abilities you might haveTools to strengthen intuitionTrusting and following intuitive feelings and vibesBuilding intuitive confidenceBuilding your sense of selfIntuition 101Visualizations & Energy WorkProtectionGroundingClearingSigns from AboveLearn the basic signs that your loved ones are aroundLearn the basic signs of guidance (dreams too)Learn the basics about Guides, Spirits, Angels, etc.Learn how to utilize Guides, Spirits, Angels, etc. in your everyday life