Did you know you can become the bank and lend money for real estate purchases? Did you know you can earn interest completely backed by real property as collateral? Did you know you can invest in real estate out of your IRA and earn passive income completely TAX-FREE? Learn all this and more in this comprehensive guide outlining the basics of private mortgages. Learn from an investor whose company has borrowed close to $1,000,000 in private funds for successful real estate acquisitions! See an entire real life private money deal from start to finish. We will discuss WHY private lending works and how real estate investors can afford to pay higher rates of interest than what you may be used to earning. Cash is king in the new real estate market, and private lenders are certainly cashing in on a unique opportunity to make highly secure, profitable investments. Take control of your life savings instead of leaving it to the whim of the stock market. See you on the inside!