The Best Free Resources To Learn How To Program



This is a course about free “learn how to program” resources. There are millions of videos, courses, documents and books available on this topic, but which are the most effective? This course identifies and demonstrates the best resources for learning how to program (and they are all free!The course is 100% video based, with each free resource receiving an introduction about why it will help you learn to program and then a demonstration, so you can view a resource before committing to singing up / downloading it.The course at launch is very small (just over 30 minutes) and only covers a limited selection of resources, but plenty are planned (see the “Coming Soon” lecture!) so it will grow exponentially!Anybody who wished to learn to program should take this course because it is free and impartial, and as a High School Computer Science teacher I have a lot of experience in actually using these resources in a classroom environment, so I have first hand knowledge of their effectiveness and how they can help people of different learning styles become experts at programming and coding.