Real English, is it? Nice idea, innit! Yep, ain’t it! Shan’t study it, shall we? Understand me, do yer? Well, you will understand it, won’t you! The focus is on SPEAKING, INTONATION and PRONUNCIATION. Yep, sure is, ain’t it!We boldly go where no grammar book dare go! (Star Trek fans will recognise this!) You’ll build your PRONUNCIATION and INTONATION skills as we study the GRAMMAR. We’ll discover question tags you never knew existed. You’ll study punctuation, ellipsis, and regional variations. We’ll look at some really bad English and slang – it will help you understand native-English speakers in informal conversation. And it’s all jolly good fun. The course is NOT suitable for beginners or pre-intermediate. Intermediate is the minimum standard. Section 3 is difficult and therefore more suitable for advanced students.So, let’s start, shall we?