The Cloth Simulation Guide in Blender 2.8



Hello everyone and welcome to the Cloth Simulation Guide in Blender 2.8! In this course you will learn all about the cloth simulation and how it works in Blender.  Simulations are very confusing and sometimes hard to understand so I created this course so that you will know exactly how to use the cloth simulation and what the functions are.In the first couple sections we will be going through how the simulation works and what the settings do.  After that I will be showing you how you can have multiple cloth objects interact with each other, how collision objects work and more. We will also jump into Blender version 2.82 and learning about a new feature called Internal Springs and Pressure. Finally the last 2 sections will be complete tutorials. The first one being a blanket falling on a couch. In this section we will be importing a couch model that I am giving away in this course. From there we will simulate it, add textures and render it out! The second tutorial will be a balloon exploding simulation. We will be using the new feature in Blender 2.82 called pressure and learning how to animate it. If you want to learn about the cloth simulation or want to improve your Blender skills this course is for you! So hit that enroll button and lets get started!The program that is used in this course is Blender 3D.Blender 3D is a free open source program that allows you to create literally anything on the computer!You can download by going to their website.Song in the promo was from bensoundI can’t wait to see the renders and animations you create!ThanksStephen