Ready for a challenge? Whether a seasoned gamer or a total novice,this course is your gateway into the world of DotA 2.Start off strong by mastering the fundamentals of the game. The learning curve for DotA is one of the steepest in gaming. This course will jump-start your development through every basic aspect of the game,frombasic themechanics,all the way up to stepping into your first practice games as aCarry, Support, Offlane and Mid hero.By the end of this course, you will know how to:Earn experience and level-up your hero throughout a gameLast-hit enemy creeps to earn gold, as well as deny yourown creeps to prevent yourenemiesearning goldClaim control of the map by destroying enemy towersSlay Roshan and claim the Aegis of the ImmortalCrush your enemies through spending gold on items to empower your heroDotA 2 is a challenging game with dozens of mechanics and hundreds of heroes to master. From novice players to professionals, there isalways something new to learn. An extremely popular and fun experience,DotA hasproduced international finals with prizepools tallyingup to the millions! The game maintains a buzzing Esports scene with multiple tournaments hostedevery week, which are great sources of learningand entertainmentfor players of all skill levels.This course will catapult your base knowledge of DotA 2 from novice-level to beginner, a learning curve that might otherwise take 50-100 hours of gameplay toovercome.Your host forthis course is professional playerand coach, BSJ.BSJ has masteredeverythingthere is to know about the game, withseveral years of professional experience and thousands of hours of player coachingunder his belt.With his guidance, mastering the many fundamental aspects of DotA will come naturally, and you are certain to be well-prepared for your first real match.Epic challenges and heroic victories await! Begin your journeytoday.