My name is Andrew, and I am the creator the the Complete Financial Model Builder Course.I have over 2 financial degrees and over 20 years' financial experience. I have always enjoyed financial modelling, and I want to share my knowledge with you. I have taken a different approach to other courses in financial models; I go through 7 models in order to teach a range of model building skills.We go through 7 financial models:Financial Model Basics – you learn the basics of financial modelsBeyond The Basics – best practice, working capital, balance sheets and cash flowsDebt Equity Model – equity calculations and debt calculations incorporated into a modelInvestment Scenario Model – a model for investments that includes multiple scenariosCorporate Scenario Model – a full corporate model that incorporates multiple scenariosCapital Investment Appraisal Model – a model for evaluating a capital investmentPricing Model – a model for determining optimum pricing to customers.We go through many different company types: Pet Food Wholesaler, Clothing Wholesaler, Chemical Manufacturer, Investment Fund, Platinum Mine,Electricity Provider and an Office Equipment Company.If you are a business ownermanagerfinance professional or business student and want to learn all-round financial model building skills, then this course is for you.By the end of the course, you will be able tobuild accurate modelsunderstand all essential Excel formulas and functions for financial modelscreate flexible models for multiple scenariosadapt your skills to a variety of industries and requirements.In summary, this is one of the best value-for-money courses on financial models.Hope to have you as a student soon.RegardsAndrew