Web Development is the most popular fiend in programming nowadays. Are you tired of wasting your money and time on random Vimeo/youtube or javascript courses…? They are not easy to understand because of randomness/flow.If you want to start your as a web developer, primarily the front-end, then yes, you are at the right please because this course is specially designed the students like you.We start from the HTML and will discuss all the basic concepts about HTML, and then we will move further; yes, I am talking about designing. You can create attractive web pages using CSS, and we will cover all the CSS concepts from selectors to animation yes CSS3 :)Once you know HTML and CSS, then we start the Javascript.Once you are familiar with Javascript, then you ready to learn the Javascript library; yes, I am talking about jQuery. We start from zero means you will learn how can you access a particular HTML element using selectors, we will discuss the selector that how many ways exist to create selectors. We will also discuss the events in jQuery and how to use them in the project with examples. I will also cover the AJAX that how you can fetch the data without a page refresh; in simple words, how can you retrieve the data from the server without page server. Once you complete the HTML, CSS, javascript, and jquery, then I will teach the Bootstrap, which the world’s most popular and powerful frameworks to create the webpage. You will cover five projects in this series, and I can’t define each and everything in the description because of its long series.This is a genuinely complete Front-end course because we cover each and everything from HTML  to Bootstrap.