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MEDICAL EXPERTISE MADE SIMPLE! This is what it’s all about! Did you ever found yourself lost in the endless sea of medical information? All the blogs, posts, articles, sites, medical terms, etc. covering tons of information but in most cases failing to tie it all together ? Well, this is why THE EVERYDAY DOC came into being, a personal, friendly guide for common daily clinical complaints, presented in an easy to follow format to help you figure out what could be the reason for your complaint and what you should do and expect. In this first course in a series of upcoming courses which will cover a broad spectrum of everyday complaints, Foot and Ankle pain is the first subject. Foot and ankle pain is quite common in the primary care clinic and can be caused by various clinical reasons; here we will discuss the most likely causes. We will cover ankle, fore-foot, mid-foot and rear-foot pain. Each clinical entity is discussed independently, in the format of ‘Introduction’, ‘Causes and Risk Factors’, ‘The Clinical Complaint’, ‘Diagnosis’ and ‘Treatment Options’. A companion PDF file is enclosed with the course. In the PDF file you will find a detailed anatomical map showing the different locations of pain and the corresponding possible diagnoses (causes). Once the specific location of the pain is identified ,along with the possible diagnosis, the next thing is to just view the corresponding video – it is as simple as that!Alternatively , view the all videos in order to enrich your knowledge about common clinical reasons for foot and ankle pain.keep in mind that for some pain locations there could be more than one reason, due to overlapping of the clinical diagnoses. The course is intended for educational purposes to simplify and explain the topics covered. It is not intended as a substitute for actual visit to a qualified physician who will get a detailed history , examine you, diagnose, advise and suggest treatment options. With all that said I hope you’ll enjoy this course and gain greatly from it.Tzion Schlossberg MD,MHATHE EVERYDAY DOC