Have you tried learning JavaScript for a while now, but feel that youre not making progress? Youve gone through article after article, video after video, but youre still not confident in using JavaScript?Heres the truthit doesnt take months or years to learn JavaScript and become a real JavaScript developer. To master JavaScript, you dont need to learn it all. So what do you need for JavaScript mastery and how do you get it? Thats what this course is all about.Welcome to the Complete JavaScript Developer in 2020, a course built around you and your goals, that gives you the skills and understanding to become a complete JavaScript developerto build amazing apps, master frameworks, and kick-start your JavaScript career.This course was designed from the ground up to show you JavaScript as it was meant to be taught, through fun, practical, real-world examples. Were going to see how to take the hardest parts of the language and break them down into simple, easy-to-understand concepts. Simply putJavaScript is going to make sense to you in a way it never has before.More than thatits going to give you the ability to THINK like a JavaScript Developer.And all the skills you gain will be solidified by working with the language hands-on, right away. This course is based around active learning. It includes dozens of real-life coding examples and challenges to keep you engaged every step of the way, just like we were coding side by side. So who am I?Hi, my name is Reed Barger. Im a professional JavaScript developer and Ive helped over 17,000 people level up their JavaScript skills in the last year alone.And today, Im here to help you learn JavaScript from front to back, with no previous JavaScript knowledge required.In this course, Ive distilled the best skills and insights from years of experience. As a result, youre not going to find a faster, more linear path to JavaScript mastery.And unlike other courses that teach you old JavaScript concepts, this course is guaranteed to be up-to-date for 2020, showing you modern JavaScript techniques from the very beginning.Stop trying to learn everything. Stop the endless cycle of tutorial after tutorial.No matter whether youre a beginner or a JavaScript expert, youre going to learn and understand the language like never before.Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this course:A deep-dive into JS variables and scopeBetter conditionals with ternaries and short-circuitingMaster functions using arrow functions, callbacks, and higher-order functionsObjects with powerful patterns like destructuringArrays using essential methods: map, filter, reduce and moreEasily manage arrays and objects with the spread operatorConstructor functions + prototypical inheritanceClasses and extending classes in-depthAsync JavaScript with callbacks, promises, fetch API, and async/awaitImmutability and why it mattersClosures and how to leverage them in our appsFinally understand the ‘this’ keywordCutting-edge ES6 – ESNext JavaScript features (some not even released!)And much more!So what are you waiting for? Theres never been a better time to learn JavaScript. Jump start your career, change your life, and get started right now. So join me and lets dive into JavaScript.