This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.Here’s this instructors dirty little secret to earning thousands with Marketing Automation.Have you ever wanted to start your own business?Do you ever feel like your dream will never happen?Do you wish you could just start a business and earn money from day 1?Then you’re going to want to read EVERY word on this page.Hi, my name is Mike Dickson, and I’ve been helping authors supplement their publishing income and get closer to writing full-time by teaching them a system that helps them earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars online and now I’m bringing that system to aspiring, new, and existing online marketerslike youIf you’ve ever felt like earning money onlineis just something the skilled can do and not possible for the average guy, I can relate because for years I struggled with the same issue. Before I discovered this system I was always trying to recreate the wheel.I suspected there was some insiders secret to earning money online, but I didn’t know where or how to find it.I had this nagging feeling that I would never make much of an income online.To make matters worse, the mainstream and most of my friends always called online businesses a scheme that would never work.Did you know that 60% of marketing pros use automation as a key tool in their online marketing?Did you know that 34% don’t, and make up to 70% less money?Did you know 41% of marketing pros, blame the lack of an effective strategy and the difficulty of marketing automation as the leading cause for an internet marketer’s failure?In a few minutes, I’m going to reveal the effective strategy I’ve used to create a fully automated marketing system that anyone can use, regardless of their experience. You’re going to discover why having a fully automated system that is specifically designed to create excitement in your customers mind and prime them to buy your product, join your webinar, or join your email list,the minute they show up to your sales page.Finally, I’ll show you how you can build the same fully automated system I use, and I’ll show you buy using step by step instruction. You’ll literally follow the course as we build the system from scratch.See what other students are saying about these techniques:”This is hands down one of the best courses I have taken. The Instructor is a Pro at what he teaches. I had many a-ha moments through his ingenious training.””Excellent Course. I read through the launch by Jeff walker but did not know how to implement it for my courses. Mike shows exactly how to do that. Thank you.””This is an step-by-step into success.”This course is limited. I can’t promise that it will be around forever. Read this introduction now and decide if it’s right for you now, or you might not get the chance again because I may be switching this course to private” before too long.This course is truly ahead of the learning curve for most online marketers. I can’t promise that it will be this powerful forever. Make a decision now, before thousands of other entrepreneurswith similar productsengineer their success with automation, leaving you behind and your income flat.But, if you thought being late to the party was bad, think of it like this:There are potentially 2 billion more people coming online in the next couple of years. That’s 2 billion more opportunities to get your course in front of them and explode your onlineincome. Are you going to wait on automating your marketing or are you going to take action now and have experience on your side as the flood gates open to new internet users?The Complete Marketing Automation System – Using OptimizepressI’ve been watching the online marketingFacebook groups and I noticed several newbieswere practically begging the (what I call) super marketersfor any little tidbit they could to help them get an edge in their own onlinesuccess. After all, that’s what FBgroups is for right? Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneursI don’t participate in the discussions much out of time constraints, but I do read them daily and I thought I could help.There are several marketing and advertising courses onlinetoday, but I noticed none of them focused on what should matter the most to people like us, and that is building your email list, automating your onlinemarketing, and increasing sales! So I did something about it.Solving low sales with a plan is easy. All you need to do is automate your onlinemarketing, and then you’re all set.With Marketing Automation you can grow your email list, automate your onlinebusiness and relax. Marketing Automation comes packed with great features like this:Launch Script Creation. A full module showing you the exact outline I use to bring subscribers through my marketing funnel. You’ll have a completecourse launch script after completing this section.Auto responder Creation. A full module explaining the exact scripts I use in my auto responders to get subscribers to click on your links. Imagine having a high converting scripts to use over and over with every product.Marketing Funnel Creation. A step by step, page by page, click by click marketing funnel module. You can’t fail.Full Marketing Sequence. An entire launch auto responder sequence to market your products.Fill in the blank Sales Page Script. Not sure what to write to close organic sales on yoursales page? This fill in the blank sales letter does it for you.Marketing Automation will make your life easier by:Earn more money per sale. You drive the traffic, you earn the lion’s share of the sale.Saves you time. It will take years to learn this on your own.Build your email list. The money is in the list. No list, no money.Automate your onlinemarketing. Spend less time spamming Facebook groups and special interests.Click take this Course” and get ahead of your competition by driving massive amounts of traffic to your product or website!Marketing Automation is going to be around for a limited time only.This stuff is so powerful, I’ll be taking this offline and marketing it on my own site before too long.Imagine knowing you have the opportunity to grow your onlinebusiness but didn’t.An opportunity like this is once in a lifetime.If you want to become a super marketer, the time to take action is now.You want to make thousands onlinebut aren’t. This course shows you how to take control of your course marketing and not leave it up to the Googlealgorithm.You get a step by step, click by click creation process. You can’t fail.You’ll finish with a complete marketing funnel, with pre-launch auto responders, and launch auto responder scriptsPlus, don’t forget your ownsales page sales script. It’s fill in the blank!The time to grow your onlinebusiness is now. Click the Take this Course” button and get started.