The Complete SQL Series with Real time examples



Working on any language is a plus point, but how to store data in the database, how to fetch the data from the database, these are the question every new programmer ask. Most people think that SQL is a complicated thing to learn, but believe me, it’s straightforward, it’s just like the English language. In this series, we are going to cover every fundamental concept related to SQL.We start from zero what is the database, how to store data in the database, we will also discuss about the NO-SQL database like MongoDB.You will learn how to fetch the record, and we will also talk about the relational database and also how to bring the data from two tables using joins.We will discuss different types of joins and how to use the theme. You will learn a lot of things in this series. At the end of this series, I will give you an overview of MongoDB so you can easily take the next step.