The Creativity & Productivity Secret of Alpha Brainwaves



Learn the surprising secret to easily achieve success and enhance your productivity & creativity by increasing your own alpha brainwaves. All that you struggle to achieve through linear, logical, brute force, left brain effort is easily achieved at levels that will far surpass even your own dreams or expectations with increased alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves are easily unlocked through the ridiculously simple practice of forgiveness. This powerful and deceptively simple practice is all but a secret that most people in western society are not aware of or unwilling to try, giving those who use it an incredible advantage in life. This is the sleeper course that you had no idea would radically transform your life! The overwhelming response from students that have taken this course is that they did not know it was so easy or how much positive change they would experience. Find out for yourself, enroll today! What students are saying: Just words cannot describe this wonderful course or rather I say an hour of wonderful experience. A life-changing, powerful and really effective course. My heartfelt congratulations and Thank you!! Awesome course experience. Kristen knows her stuff very well, and she delivered the information and the research in a very practical way What can enhanced Alpha Brainwaves do for you! Creative blocks, out of control emotions and the inability to think your way out of a complex situations occur when you are not in alpha state. Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxed alertness, enhanced learning, creativity, peak performance. The number one factor subduing alpha waves is holding on to grudges and anger. Every time you forgive, your alpha brainwaves spike. In this course you will learn not only how holding grudges and practicing forgiveness affects your life but also how they change your brainwaves. In this course, you will practice hands on forgiveness activities to enable you to change your brainwaves and enhance your alpha waves. More importantly, you will experience the radical life transformation that takes place when you use the practices in this course to boost your alpha brainwaves by releasing your grudges and negative energy!