Are you managing projects now? Ever wonder how difficult it is to become a professional PM? Do you know what you need to know to take the PMP exam? What is the content you need to know? Is it full of complex topics? Is it something you have time to do? Does a PMP add value to your career development? All these questions are answered in this course, in plain english without the insider terminology prevalent in the project management practice. If you want to Rock the PMBOK (PM Book of Knowledge), you need to focus on understanding the basics in language that is simple and straighforward. Using mind maps and a clear 6 step process, you will understand the commitment, the subject matter and the benefits of taking the PMP exam and becoming a professional project manager (PMP). Every difficult task in life starts with a simple first step and this course is just that, your first step in deciding whether to study and write the PMP exam and advance your project management career.I urge every student who is considering this journey to give themselves their best chance of success, by absorbing the “big picture” road map provided in this course. Once understood, then decide if becoming a professional PM is the right choice for you.