The End of Picky Eating



Are your meal times filled with bargaining, pleading, bribing, tears and stress? Are you concerned about how much your child is eating or if they are getting enough nutrients? This class is a necessity for parents with picky eaters of any age. It is never too late to turn around bad eating habits in your little one and make your entire family happier and healthier in the process. If your little one isnt quite ready for solids just yet this is also a great class to teach you how to avoid picky eating behaviors in your little one. Well provide you with all the tools you need to bring peace and laughter back to mealtimes. As a bonus, in this course you will also learn the in's and out's of early childhood nutrition including correct portion size by age, average calories a day needed by age and a sample meal plan to show you how quick and easy it is to help ensure your child gets all the nutrients they need in a day without tears or stress.