No matter your marketing budget, learn how to set up profitable advertising campaigns thatturn prospects into customers.The Facebook Ad System is a premium step-by-step video training coursethat will turn you into a Facebook marketing pro in just a few hours.TheFacebook Ad Systemwill show you exactly how to:Advertise directly to theexact audienceinterested in your offerTest and tweak your campaign to make surenot a single dollar is wastedQuicklycreate powerful advertsthat grab attention, build desire, and sellSet up conversion tracking tomeasure your Return on InvestmentWHAT’SINCLUDED?Just under 8 hours of HD video become a Facebook marketing pro in a weekend!Each lesson breaks down an important concept of Facebook marketing (with REAL examples).Lecture 1:Before You Spend $1 On Facebook Ads…Lecture 2:Using the Facebook Ad InterfaceLecture 3:Choosing the Right Campaign ObjectiveLecture 4:Narrowing Down Your Audience and TargetingLecture 5:Choosing Images and Writing Powerful HeadlinesLecture 6:Analyzing Campaign PerformanceLecture 7:Tracking Conversions with the Facebook PixelLecture 8:Testing and Optimizing a Real CampaignLecture 9:Custom/Lookalike Audiences and RetargetingLecture 10:Generating Leads with Facebook Ads