[Last update : December, 17th, 2018] Did you ever want to have your own website, but found it complicated to get started ? Now is the time that you create your own website, and to update it at your own pace, with minimal costs and the least time. If you are working as a freelancer, a doctor, a lawyer or a business person who want to make their self promotion, this course is for you. Actually, technology has made in incredible shape in how website creation can be processed. It will not take you any coding or programming skills. All that is needed is yourself, and your attention. In this course, I provide you with basic knowledge to bear in mind in order to succeed at your website creation. Let me know if you have any question. I will be really happy to answer. More updates are to come. I invite you to check how fun this creation can be, and perhaps, you will let me know in comments how you did, and ask the community about your web design and content. It’s all about your final results. Let me hear from you whenever you finish, and even before. Thank you for choosing this course. We hope you will take the best benefit of it ! P.S.: Please note that this course is not sponsored by Godaddy, and that I created it because my real life students love it and find it user friendly.