Photoshop is a massive program with a lot to learn. We have cut the fat and just left you the meat. In this course we have structured the course to swing you directly to the section that delivers results. Don't feel bad by going directly to SECTION 5: Interactive Projects For Daily Use. Assessable from your mobile device you can load up the the lectures and follow along with the exercise files we provide. The great thing about the course is you will be able to download the photoshop files and see directly on your computer how every interactive file has been structured. You will have the power to pause us and interact with everything you will learn in this course step-by-step. By skipping to SECTION 5: "Interactive Projects For Daily Use" You can master all the designs all in one day. As a matter of fact you can take a long lunch break and take it all in in 2.5 Hours. We will be adding new design ideas to the course weekly to keep you fresh and creative! Facebook and Instagram better watch out because you images will POP off the screen and right into your friends lap! Just an idea…. You friends might become your clients once you learn how to quickly add great effect to your images that the pros use all over the world. Who is using Photoshop daily? AnimatorsArchitectsAstronomersPeople Who Want To Be Notice OnlineCommercial PrintersFashion DesignersFilm and Video ProsPeople Who Take ACTION Fine Art PhotographersEveryday PhotographersInstagram Rock StarsEveryday FaceBook UsersWeb DesignersNow YouAdobe Says:Web Developers Web designers count on Photoshop Extended to help them enhance the photos and create the backgrounds, buttons, and 3D artwork that deliver just the right look for each client’s site.Fine Art PhotographersWith an image-editing toolset that offers unlimited possibilities for creative expression, Photoshop appeals to fine artists who use photography to express their unique perceptions and visions.Fashion DesignersFrom humble logo tees to outré runway togs, fashion designs often get their start in Photoshop. Bring in a sketch, adjust line and drape, play with color and texture — and create tomorrow’s must-have looks.Read More Here This course will bridge the gap between the introduction of knowing how to use the tools the pros use and doing what everyone else is doing. You have been looking for a gateway to greatness and now you have found the best examples the web has to offer. There will be more advanced courses to come, this course will give you a one up on all the procrastinators. I started using Photoshop on version  CS4 and I felt so left behind. Now that we are at CS6 I am so glad I got in the game when I did. ITS NEVER TOO LATE! Look up on YouTube "Girl Takes a Terrible Fall During a Race" for a extra push to get started 🙂