Do you have a curiousity about the future?Are you interested in shaping the future long into the second half of the 21st century?If you are you might be ready to become and Energy Futurist. Energy Futurists are specialist that every business should have. They can earn a lot of money, but often the courses they go on never actually tell them what they need to know. They are confined by the need to calculate carbon emissions from their business; or sold an idea that there is nothing we can do about the future. This course however helps you to become a real Energy Futurist with potential of better earnings via writing and blogging about the future of energy.This course will teach you the probably future of energy. We consider the evidence of resource depletion; potential solutions, challenges we face in implementing the solutions; and outline 3 possible energy economies, that will be mixed together to hopefully solve the loss of economically available fossil fuels.The course is split into videos and will cover the following topics:-Resource Expiration &the Exponential ProblemEROIE and the dominance of Oil based fuelsPotential Solutions to the loss of OilImplication of Failing to find a solutionBehavioural SolutionsClimate Change – What does it teach us about transitionHow African might help Change the WorldWhy are the Media NOT highlighting the coming oil crisis?The course will challenge many of your long-held beliefs. For example, many people who have complete this course live, have commented that they believed that ‘exponential growth’ was commonly understood as rapid growth. This is in fact incorrect. Exponential growth as we shall note, can be applied to anything that has a doubling time. Every percentage rise undergoes exponential growth. When we appy this to consumption rates it seriously undermines the belief that many people have that oil will last forever, or for thousands of years.The course will also look at subjects such as Net Energy which is based upon Energy Return on Investment of Energy. If you don’t understand this, consider coal mining. We have to use energy to extract energy. Most of that energy is from oil or secondary sources such as electricity (often generated by burning different kinds of fossil fuels like gas, or hydroelectricity, etc., etc..) Net Energy tells us the likely possibility of maintaining civilization in the face of using more resources to extract resources to meet our energy demands.We will also show you how difficult it is to replace fossil fuels and what is required to do so, over the next 50 years just with oil. We will provide you with 3 types of energy economies, each with a different slant.